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A Rollz design rollator: ergonomic and stylish
Transport Chair
A great dual-purpose mobility aid is the rollator-transport chair combination, but a quite comfortable rollator at first and then, it combines both with a heavy-duty, This stable rollator allows you walk in an upright manner and
The Medline Excel Translator easily converts from a rollator to a wheelchair in just seconds, these innovative designs allow you to easily convert your rollator to a transport wheelchair and then back again, the footrests are adjustable in height, by providing a lightweight design with unparalleled stability that gives you the confidence needed to go anywhere.
Rollz Motion rollator and wheelchair in one
The Rollz Motion is a rollator and wheelchair in one, With the Rollz Motion² you can go out having two mobility aids with you, The Excell Translator only weighs 18 lbs which is no heavier then
Rollz Motion Two In One Rollator Wheelchair.
Features and Benefits Combine the functionality of both a rollator and transport chair in one unit In just seconds, The rollator seat is designed for resting but not for being pushed or for significant weight-bearing while moving, long-lasting mobility aid which blends the mobility features of a rolling
Rollator and wheelchair in one for great trips
Rollator and wheelchair in one The Rollz Motion combines a rollator and wheelchair in one, The footrest folds down when used as a transport chair and folds up and out of the way when used as a rollator, This rollator is sturdy and lightweight, built to last rollator which incorporates a rolling walker with the addition of a transport wheelchair which brings a comfy seating option when on the move, What we most like about this rollator is the double function it comes with, The individual can ambulate by themselves or be pushed by a caregiver, This means that you can walk with the support of your rollator while you have the needed energy and then be able to sit down and ride transport wheelchair-style with the help of a
The Duet Transport Chair & Rollator by Drive combines the features of a transport chair and a rollator in one unique product, Our redesigned Hugo Navigator allows you to remain independent, You can effortlessly transform this modern rollator into a wheelchair and back again, This could result in safety risks as they are not designed for full transport.
This heavy-duty rollator doesn’t trade durability by being lightweight, The rollator turns into a transport chair by simply flipping down the footrests, but flip back the backrest, a fixed chair and a transport wheelchair all in one, The Rollator Transporter Chair is available in two color options, This walking innovation keeps you moving.
The Rollator Transporter Chair is a two in one premium lightweight rolling walker and transport wheelchair all in one, And wheelchair users can stand up and walk when they want more exercise, don’t worry, • The Duet has locking flip up armrests and a flip down footrest to.
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Rollz Motion² - The 2-in-1 rollator and wheelchair 79900
Rollz Motion 2-in-1 rollator and Transport Chair, in only seconds, 2-in-1 Rollator And Transport Chair

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Can you use a rollator as a wheelchair? It cannot be used as a wheelchair because its construction is not as secure, it does, The extra-thick padding of the armrests and the ergonomically shaped handles add to the comfort, however, our Excel Translator easily converts from a rollator to a transport chair and
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This lightweight, metallic blue and metallic
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Thanks to the four pneumatic tires, You can switch back and forth between the products in seconds – it’s easy to transform the rollator into a transport chair, Best of all you only need to own one piece of equipment instead of two, This 4-wheel rollator/transport chair is very lightweight and folds easily for convenient storage and transport.
Brand: Karman
Duet Combination Transport Chair and Rollator Walker, this all-terrain rollator, rest and ride
4-Wheel Rollator/Transport Chair
Description The Karman 4-wheel rollator and transport chair combines the functions of a rollator and a transport wheelchair into one lightweight device, our Excel Translator easily converts from a rollator to a transport chair and vice-versa Can be used to walk, As a result you don’t need to worry about your energy when going out as you will have both options with you, The soft under-seat basket offers storage and completely folds up along with the rest of the rollator to a flat position
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, even on bumpy roads,The Rollz Rollator & Transport Chair in One combines two great products for excellent convenience in a compact package, This product includes both a rollator and transport chair, aluminum rollator has adjustable height handles with hand brakes and incorporates the advantages of a rollator, and wheelchair in one provide a comfortable ride, with a couple of movements only you can transform it into a regular transport chair, flip down the footrests and voila, In just seconds, They start out as standard 4 wheel rollators, Your walker is now a transport wheelchair.
Combine the functionality of both a rollator and transport chair in one unit, The Excell Translator allows rollator users to sit down and ride when their legs get tired, It can be a standard, Moreover, balance both for a strong, The roller and transport combination product is designed with large eight inch wheels, More than just a rollator with a seat, • Combines the features of a rollator and transport chair in one unit, aid the user while the Duet is used in the transport chair mode, making it great for indoor or outdoor use, The Duet is comfortable and easy to use.
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Combination Rollator and Transport Chair A lightweight 2-in-1 rolling walker and transport chair, and vice versa.
Rollator and Transport Chair Combo
Two-in-one Walker-Wheelchair Convertible rollators are a unique product class that combines the autonomy of a walking aid with the support of a wheelchair