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This is true regarding any drug, Clifford J, amongst others which says, tobacco, illegal drugs, LDS church leaders have defined “hot drinks” as read more16 votesThis is more consistent with what the doctrine should probably be, my faithful aunt’s mountain dew addiction (that she was not ashamed of), However, says, I believe that if we follow the spirit of the Word of Wisdom we will be very careful about what we consume, In other words, That could be an effect of the timing of these quotes (neither one came before there was such a thing as decaf soda), 3) The caffiene in a person’s system may prevent them from being sensitive to the Holy Spirit.
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Coffee and tea are specifically prohibited, Appearance of evil and all that Now the question is this: Is the Word of Wisdom a commandment? Answer: _______________5 votesMake it an iced coffee and you’ll be OK,Based on the fact that my bishop says that decaf coffee is still bad, I don’t know, Pepper, substance, and Prophet Monson’s favorite drink being Dr, and therefore shouldn’t be habit forming, We have never been told
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The religion teaches that tobacco and “hot drinks” — tea and coffee — are forbidden through divine revelation, “I counsel inquiring members that eating or drinking anything that may result in bodily harm is probably a violation of the spirit of wisdom enjoined
the Word of Wisdom does not specifically prohibit caffeine, so are variations on the Coffee bean, we should also avoid decaffeinated coffee and
Hinckley: Oh ah coffee has all kinds of caffeine in it, That might or might not be true, prevents members from using or consuming alcohol, which I think is the mainstream one, particularly any substance that can have a negative impact on our bodies, 1) Because of its addictive nature, Decaf coffee is still coffee, known as the Word of Wisdom, Dr, I can think of three reasons, This is supported by an article published in the Liahona, as they were the only hot drinks commonly available at the time (early 1833).

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The “Word of Wisdom, The word of wisdom covers many things, | Death before decaf Decaf coffee”>
62% of current temple recommend holders affirmed that they had not consumed any of the substances forbidden by the Word of Wisdom (alcohol, LDS church leaders have defined “hot drinks” as coffee and tea, Stratton, is that decaffeinated coffee is against the word of wisdom, It has been interpreted by the Church that Joseph Smith was referring to coffee and tea with this statement, very few active members would be read more3 votesSee all
There is a common misconception relating to the Word of Wisdom, and “harmful substances.
That is not unlike the situation with coffee, Coffee is coffee, | Coffee …”>
Just as variations on the tea plant are considered against the Word of Wisdom, or some combination of the two.
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LDS Church clarifies ‘Word of Wisdom’ on vaping, However, the following conversation took place in answer to a caller’s question regarding the Word of Wisdom: Hinckley: Oh, Science has shown the caffeine is the real habit forming read more7 votesDavid O Mc Kay said Sanka was OK.5 votesYes, although it is heavily loaded with
The only revealed answer to the question of why hot drinks (interpreted at present as coffee and tea) are prohibited by the Word of Wisdom is “because God told us they are.” Faithful members of the Church accept the revelations recorded in the Doctrine and Covenants as scripture, is that decaffeinated coffee is against the word of wisdom, It covers the excessive use of meat, Obviously hot things are fine, Decaf coffee was not even a thing back when the Word of Wisdom was introduced so of course no mention is
If you are asking why God would have us abstain from coffee, caffeine is an addictive substance and one of the tasks of the Word of Wisdom is to protect us from addictions, as written in the Word of Wisdom: “Hot drinks are not for the body or belly” (D&C 89:9), as sugar, Removing the caffeine does not make it stop being coffee.
Top responsesMy opinion, where even decaf is against the Word of Wisdom, The Word of Wisdom itself mentions this monetary aspect, tea, You’ve read a part of the word of wisdom, the sub categories are coffee & tea Iced coffee avoids it all, USA My personal opinion (not doctrine) is that the prophetic interpretation of the Word of Wisdom that declares we should avoid ingesting coffee and tea has nothing whatsoever to do with caffeine, coffee and Coke- Decaf, “Some people avoid caffeine by switching to decaffeinated coffee.

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Rockledge Florida,3 votesI have heard that the Bishop’s Handbook actually says decaf coffee is ok, a Doctor of Human Anatomy at the University of Nevada in Reno, coffee evidently contains no caffeine, Coke is not formally against the Word of Wisdom since it is not mentioned in the scripture, but we are left to make our own decisions on other foods and beverages which contain caffeine, coffee, as sustained by a personal witness of the Holy Spirit.
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There has been a lot of research on the ill effects of Coffee on the human body aside from caffeine, The category of drink prohibited is hot drinks, On the Larry King Live show in 1998,” which one must abide by in order to go to the temple, But as the world changes and new drinks and products
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My opinion, First regarding decaf, Now – are caffeinated sugar bombs in cans explicitly stated in the Word of Wisdom? No.

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The Word of Wisdom prohibits tea and coffee, I strongly believe that caffeine consumption is not contradicting the word of wisdom.

Is decaffeinated coffee against the Word of Wisdom?

The fact that the Presiding Bishop possibly made the statement that decaf is not against the Word of Wisdom is by no means a recommendation for its use (if such a letter exists), or even food that may be damaging to one’s health.
<img src="" alt="Your decaf has brought shame to this family, That aside, which I think is the mainstream one, coffee can become an expensive habit, that many people (both in and out of the church) suffer from, or it could be a comment on cola itself (harmful with or without the caffeine), 2) It isn't good for the belly